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Below is some general information about Petaluma:

Petaluma is a city in Sonoma County, California, in the United States. In the 2010 Census the population was 57,941. Located in Petaluma is the Rancho Petaluma Adobe, a National Historic Landmark. It was built beginning in 1836 by General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, then Commandant of the San Francisco Presidio. It was the center of a vast 66,000 acre ranch stretching from Petaluma River to Sonoma Creek. The adobe is considered one of the best preserved buildings of its era in Northern California. Petaluma is a transliteration of the Coast Miwok phrase peta luuma which means hill backside and probably refers to Petaluma’s proximity to Sonoma Mountain. Petaluma has a well-preserved, historic city center which includes many buildings that survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The Sonoma County Bank Building, now the home of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and the Petaluma Seed Bank, was built in the 1920s. Petaluma soon became known for its grain milling and chicken processing industries, which continue to the present as a smaller fraction of its commerce. At one time, Petaluma was known as the Egg Capital of the World, sparking such nicknames as Chickaluma. Petaluma hosted the only known Poultry drugstore and is the place where the egg incubator was invented by Lyman Byce in 1879. Petaluma is also where Randall Smith founded Mesa/Boogie (also known as Mesa Engineering), maker of hand-built amplifiers played by such guitarists as Carlos Santana and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. One of the largest historic chicken processing plants still stands in the central area of town; this 1930s brick building is no longer used for the chicken industry, but is being evaluated for preservation and change of use. Even though it is no longer known as the Egg Capital of the World, Petaluma maintains a strong agricultural base today with dairy farms, olive groves, vineyards, and berry and vegetable farms.

In the late 1990s, Petaluma was also known as Telecom Valley due to the telecom startup companies that seemed to multiply from one another, and offer great riches for early stockholders and employees. One success story was that of the employees of Advanced Fibre Communications (AFC) (now Tellabs), or Cerent, which was purchased by Cisco. Some Cerent employees went on to purchase the Phoenix Theater, a local entertainment venue, which was once an opera house. Petaluma has been notable in the tech world again recently, due to technology broadcaster Leo Laporte hosting his podcast network (including a national radio program syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks), for several years from a small cottage in the city, and now from a new studio facility two blocks away.

Public schools are managed by the Petaluma City School District. There are two comprehensive high schools in Petaluma: Petaluma High School and Casa Grande High School. Casa Grande High School has a notable Academic Decathlon team, which has represented Sonoma County for the last 27 years in the state-level competition. There is an annual football game between the two schools’ teams known as the Egg Bowl. The two Petaluma public middle schools are Kenilworth Junior High School and Petaluma Junior High School. St. Vincent de Paul High School, a Roman Catholic private school, is in Petaluma. Santa Rosa Junior College has a second campus in Petaluma, and the campus the unaccredited art school/atelier l’Atelier aux Couleurs is located in Petaluma.

U.S. Highway 101 is the main freeway through town. State Route 116 also runs through town as Lakeville Highway. Other major streets include East Washington Street, North and South McDowell Boulevards, and Petaluma Boulevard. Petaluma is served by Petaluma Transit, Golden Gate Transit and by Sonoma County Transit bus services. The nearest major airports are San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport. General aviation is served by the Petaluma Municipal Airport. Also the Charles M. Schulz Ð Sonoma County Airport located north of Santa Rosa.

Source: Petaluma on Wikipedia